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Printed Tickets and Promotional Materials for Car Parks

Many establishments have their own private car parks intended for the exclusive use of their patrons. Whether free-to-use or paid parking, you need some sort of system to ensure people don’t take advantage of your parking spaces. Similarly, some people operate private car parks near popular destinations such as the beach or local parks and need a cost-effective and efficient way to indicate a customer has paid for their spot.

Whatever sort of car park you run, Lester Press can help you out. Not only can we print and supply as many tickets as you need, we will also produce and posters, banners, and other signage you might need to inform your patrons of the rules or to direct them to their parking bays.

What Lester Press Can Do for Car Parks.

As one of the countries longest-running traditional printers, we have plenty to offer our customers throughout the country. Here are some of our most popular services for private car park operators…

Car Park Tickets

The main concern for a car park operator is to have an ample supply of tickets that can be used by their customers. Here at Lester Press, we can provide you with all the tickets you need. We can use your original art or design them from scratch. Our experienced printers can include as much information as necessary on your tickets, including prices, car park opening times, terms and conditions, and more.

Car Park Signage

If your car park has distinct sections – maybe for priority visitors, member-only parking, or something similar – it is important to differentiate these areas for the benefit of your patrons. We can produce quality banners that you can hang over particular sections, as well as roll up banners that can be fitted to a tripod to stand at ground level. Whichever suits your situation best, we can provide it for you.

Car Park Posters

We create informational and promotional posters for car park across the UK. Whether you need something on-site listing your car park’s terms and conditions, or posters you can hang around town to drum up trade from tourists and other visitors, we have you covered.

Roll Tickets

If your parking situation is more basic – we can also provide you with roll tickets for a simple pay-at-the-gate solution. These are available in a range of colours and can have the message or image of your choice printed on each.

Why Choose Lester Press?

There are plenty of reasons to choose Lester Press for your car park tickets and posters. These are some of the more common ones, based on extensive feedback from our customers…

Traditional Printers

For over fifty years, we have been using traditional print presses to produce car park tickets and posters of the highest quality. We are one of last printing companies in the UK to make use of this kind of machinery, ensuring clean, crisp, and clear printing every time.

Printed Materials

At Lester Press we always have an extensive selection of roll tickets and car park tickets available ready-to-go. If you want something a little more unique to your car park, we have our own in-house team of designers who will come up something truly exceptional for you. We can incorporate any elements you require into the finished product, resulting in quality printed materials every time.

A National
Printing Service

Lester Press is based in Atherton, Greater Manchester, but we provide our high-quality printing services to businesses across the UK. However large or small your car parking facilities and no matter where they are located, you can rely on us to deliver the very best in printed materials.


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