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Printed Tickets and Promotional Materials for Councils

Here at Lester Press, we work with local and borough councils across the UK, supplying all manner of bespoke printed materials. We recognise that finding a reliable print provider is a crucial task for any council, since so much council business still relies on paperwork and printed promotional items.

With almost half-a-century in the print industry, we have the tools and the expertise to fulfil all your print requirements, whatever they might be.

What Lester Press Can Do for Councils.

As one of the UKs longest-running traditional printers, we have much to offer local and borough councils across the country. Here are some of our most popular council services…

Council Stationery

We provide quality office stationery in volume for councils across the UK. From letterheaded paper to generic mailshots for residents in your ward, we guarantee crisp and clear prints on every occasion. We can incorporate your existing logo or council crest into the letterhead, or design a new one for you from scratch.


Keeping local residents informed of important changes in their neighbourhood is a key responsibility for any council. From changes in bin collection days, to information about council meetings, proposals that affect the local area, and more, you need the right information cascaded in an efficient manner. We can produce bespoke leaflets for any situation, carefully designed and printed to be readable by all.


Many council initiatives are made successful by hanging posters in council premises and other buildings around the local area. Whether it is highlighting a local safety campaign or informing residents about impending long-term roadworks, a well-designed poster can disseminate information more efficiently than a detailed letter or mailshot. We can create posters for you in several sizes, either using your pre-made artwork, or creating our own to meet your requirements.

Promotional Materials

Many councils run major events throughout the year, from important anniversary celebrations, to seasonal events and festivities. We can help you promote these events effectively, printing high-quality posters and banners to attract the attention of your local residents.

Why Choose Lester Press?

There are plenty of reasons to choose Lester Press for your council’s print material needs. These are some of the more common ones, based on extensive feedback from our customers…

Traditional Printers

With over 50 years in the print industry, Lester Press is one of the few remaining companies in the UK to still use a traditional printing press. We operate the same machinery we started with back in 1972, producing crystal-clear printed materials for your local council.

Printed Materials

While some printers offer generic, off-the-shelf solutions, we pride ourselves on creating unique printed materials for all our council customers. From roll tickets to promotional banners, every item we produce is designed by our own in-house team, who bring decades of combined experience to every job.

A National
Printing Service

From our based in Atherton, Greater Manchester, we supply the very best in tailored printing solutions to councils throughout the UK. No matter which part of the country you serve, our fast, dependable printing service ensures you get the materials you need, when you need them.


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For tickets and promotional materials for your local council, contact Lester Press today. Call us on 01942 895 784, or email the team at enquiries@lesterpress.co.uk