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Printed Tickets and Promotional Materials for Sports and Leisure

Sports and leisure venues make extensive use of print materials as part of their day-to-day operation. From admission tickets for general entry to roll tickets for lockers and cloakrooms, to promotional posters and more, our sports and leisure customers expect nothing but the best, which is exactly what they get.

Whether it’s everyday entry tickets, or something unique for a special event, let Lester Press deal with it for you.

What Lester Press Can Do for You.

As one of the UKs longest-running traditional printers, we have much to offer customers in the sports and leisure industry. Here are some of our most popular services…


One of the best ways to let people in your local area know about your sport or leisure event is through a campaign of getting posters into shop windows, up on sign posts, and more. We can produce high-quality printed posters in colour or black-and-white, all printed on resilient paper stock to reduce the risk of tearing.

Printed Banners

If you are running a sports or leisure event – whether indoor or outdoor – you will need eye-catching, distinctive banners. Not only do they lend a sense of occasion to your event, they are useful for directing visitors when they arrive, splitting up a venue into specific areas for teams or guests, and more. We design and print banners of the highest quality, in any size you need. These include hung banners, as well as roller banners.

Admission Tickets

If your sports or leisure event requires tickets for admission, you have come to the right place. We have wide selection of entry ticket solutions for you, from simple roll tickets, to custom printed bespoke entry tickets. We can produce adult tickets and child tickets, numbered tickets, priced tickets and more, all designed to meet your particular needs.

Roll Tickets

If your sports or leisure event includes promotional offers, such as free drinks or snacks for your visitors, an easy way to keep track of these is with roll tickets. We can print these with any design you like, whether that’s a monetary value, your venue logo, or some other graphic or text.

Why Choose Lester Press?

There are plenty of reasons to choose Lester Press for your sport or leisure venue. These are some of the more common ones, based on extensive feedback from our customers…

Traditional Printers

Lester Press is one of the last printers in the country to still use traditional presses. In our opinion, no other form of printing produce as clean or crisp a result as these classic pieces of machinery.

Our sports and leisure customers across the UK agree with us, making repeat orders time and again, knowing they get printed materials of the highest quality.

Printed Materials

When you approach Lester Press for tickets and printed materials for your sports or leisure event, you are getting more than just a print service. Our team of in-house designers will create an exciting and eye-catching design for all your print materials. From the humble roll ticket to promotional posters, you can rely on us to produce something truly exceptional.

A National
Printing Service

From our traditional printing facility in Atherton, Greater Manchester, Lester Press provides first-class printing services to sports and leisure organisation all across the UK.

From the Cornish marshes to the Scottish Highlands, we guarantee a fast turnaround and speedy delivery on all orders.


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